Bold flavours, Crafted with Care…

Handmade Belizean Sauces

Pepper sauces are part of both the Caribbean and Mayan heritage. Belizeans love to spice things up in their meals. Our Gallon Jug Sauces are crafted from unique recipes in the remote Western region of Belize with quality ingredients which provide bold flavours with roots in both Mayan and Caribbean Culture. All our sauces are farm-to-bottle, using hand-harvested, sustainably sourced vegetables and fruits.

“Each sauce is made with love, patience, and attention to detail. I love what I do, and I am so happy to share this with the world,”

Elinora “Ms. Nora” Carillo Head Saucier

Fiyah Haat

Fiyah Haat is Kriol for Fire Hearth and hints at the

Maya Fiyah

Maya Fiyah is Kriol for Mayan Fire, and rightly describes this

Mango Tango

Our Mango Tango sauce is an exquisite blend of tangy and

Lissette’s Secret Sauce

Lissette’s Secret Sauce was first created back in the 1980s inside