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Lissette’s Secret Sauce

Lissette’s Secret Sauce was first created back in the 1980s inside a garage.

Ms. Lissette was the wife of the GJA General Manager at the time and found herself looking at creative ways to preserve her vegetables and fruits. After experimenting with carrots, honey, and peppers, Lissette added a secret ingredient, and the perfect recipe was born. This sauce is sweet with just the right touch of spice, perfectly paired as a dipping sauce for fries, shrimp poppers or the like.  It can even make a cream dip exciting!

Lissette’s Secret Sauce has become a favourite for Belizeans and visitors alike.


Handwritten recipes on wrinkled paper have been passed on for decades, with each saucier slightly modifying the recipe, but always using organically grown peppers, honey, and other ingredients from the Gallon Jug farm. Lissette’s coveted secret ingredient, however, will be kept safely for many years to come.